Treasure 9 – #digital, #automation, #value

This week I drove some miles, so had time to hear some nice podcasts. My nugget #1 is a cast from Bastian Wilkat’s podcast “Der Flaneur” (Flaneur is somebody who strolls). Episode 28 is about digital introvertness and how to become more digitally extrovert. I became more digital extrovert over the past few months and it has proven some clear benefits for me. So I can fully subscribe to this cast:
e28-digitale-introvertiertheit-mit-frank-eilers (1 hour, audio, German)

Nugget #2 is fresh from the press. Alexander Gerber, who I know from !me, talks about machines versus people and process versus purpose. I’m a big believer in automation, who will free us up for creativity and innovation. Resonates with me. How about you?
Investing in machines (10 mins, text, English)

Nugget #3 is from the famous Seth Godin. It is a blog post just full of questions. How cool is that? And it created value for me, which is the whole topic of the post:
A value creation checklist (5 mins, text, English)

Which of the nuggets creates value for you? Let me know in the comments or via social media. Happy weekend!



One comment

  1. Hi Tobi!
    I will gift to this digital introvertism-thing some time of my life.
    I guess, there are some arguments for making (in) public inside.

    The checklist-post seems also be worth some minutes.

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