Today I tested the Bluetooth functionality of the HTC WP 8X and I was impressed. I never had a Bluetooth device that paired as flawless and fast as this.

First test was to pair it with my car. Just enable Bluetooth on the WP 8X and enter the car audio system code. There you go. Both phone and audio profile worked without issues. Download of contacts for the car’s phonebook was extremely fast and phone audio quality excellent. Also the audio profile worked extremely good. I only had two music titles on the phone, but they played well without disruptions. Also streaming audio on the phone over the car’s audio system worked well. Remaining check will be to test how navigation through many mp3 files on the phone works.

Second test was to pair it with my Asus Transformer TF300 tablet. Also this worked flawless. In order to test the speed I decided to transfer a screenshot of ~1 MB size. Transfer took a few seconds, which is a reasonable bluetooth speed. Of course I was curious in some more data. I transferred a 165 MB mp3 file from the tablet to the WP 8X. This took about 40 minutes. Not too fast, but I’m not sure what the bottleneck is.

By the way, screenshots can be done by pressing On/off and windows button at the same time and then can be found under Photos > Albums > Screenshots. I posted the screenshot below. It’s from an App which I can strongly recommend: ZDF mediathek. Good service for streaming of German public TV snippets.