Todays topic is the HTC WP 8X battery. The battery is a 1800 mAh battery, which is a medium sized battery for modern smart phones (iPhone5 is 1440mAh, Nexus 4 is 2100mAh). The battery was drained the first time this morning, which resembles to a battery lifetime of about 36 hours after the first full charge. Usually it takes a few charging cycles until the battery reaches its optimum, so let’s see how it evolves. I had WLAN active all time, made a few phone calls, took about 10 pictures with flash, about 2 hours browsing and another 3 hours downloading, installing and using Apps (including Skype video calls). I would rate this a good battery lifetime.

When the battery is low you get a notification on the screen and you can choose a low energy mode (Didn’t use it, so not sure what is turned off). The phone estimated a remaining lifetime of 1 hour, but automatically shut down after 10 minutes. Also it reported that it is on for 7 days since the last charge, which is definitely not true! Guess this is a software bug!? Unfortunately I couldn’t do a screenshot of that. Will try it again if it re-appears.